Weighted Sleep Sack For Baby – Are They Safe and Do They Work?

Weighted sleep sacks and weighted blankets are becoming more popular. Do you need a weighted sleep sack and will it help your baby sleep better? This post will explain what a weighted sleep sack is, the purpose, and discuss whether it will help your baby sleep better.

What Is a Weighted Sleep Sack and Its Purpose?

A weighted sleep sack is just as it sounds. It a form of sleep sack that has a little weight to it. But, why would a sleep sack need weight added to it?

These sleep sacks and blankets can calm your nervous system and help babies feel like a hand is on them. This gives them a feeling of reassurance by acting like a hug with a technique called deep pressure stimulation. Just like swaddling helps newborns sleep better, a weighted sleep sack can possibly help your baby sleep better, too. But, does it always work?

Will It Help Your Baby Sleep?

Swaddling your baby keeps your baby sleeping longer when their Moro reflex is strong. But, as your baby gets older and you stop swaddling, do you still need a special type of blanket?

Sleep sacks are safe ways to have a wearable blanket so your baby won’t suffocate. So, sleep sacks are definitely a great investment!

Does the sleep sack have to be weighted?

Not necessarily. A weighted sleep sack can help some babies sleep longer, however. Here are a few types of babies we find can possibly benefit from one:

  • If your baby likes when you put a hand on them.
  • Your baby seems fussy and/or nervous a lot.
  • Your baby still has the Moro reflex but is breaking out of the swaddle or doesn’t like to be swaddled.
  • You suspect your baby or toddler has sensory processing challenges.

Of course, as with many tools in your parenting toolbox, sometimes you just have to experiment to find what works for your baby! Many products may improve sleep but some sleep problems can’t be solved with sleepwear, of course. So, whether your baby sleeps better depends on the reasons your baby is waking in the first place.


Weighted sleep sacks are considered safe as long as the weight isn’t more than 10% of your baby’s body weight. So, if your baby is 10 pounds, the sleep sack should not surpass one pound. And, if your baby is 20 pounds then your sleep sack should not surpass two pounds. As a reminder, you should always choose products that meet or exceed the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and have been tested for a multitude of harmful substances. Be sure to check the safety page on a company’s website for any product you use for your baby as well as check with your pediatrician since they know your baby best.

Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sack

I learned about the Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sack recently and they were kind enough to send me a couple of samples to review. These products are truly top-notch and packaged beautifully! The material is soft and it feels like a superior product compared to many of the sleepwear products out there. Of course, my first question with a newer product is whether it’s safe for your baby. This sleep sack is doctor-approved, exceeds CPSC standards, and is OEKO-TEX® certified. Dreamland Baby Co has a swaddle, sleep sack, and blanket option. The blanket was one of the best I’ve seen and I wanted to wrap myself into it right away! I come across many baby products and I can confidently recommend this one in a heartbeat.

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Nested Bean Weighted Sleep Sack

There is one other sleep sack worth mentioning and that is the Nested Bean Gently Weighted Sleep Sack. This is weighted differently, however, with just a light weight on the chest. This mimics your hand on your baby’s chest which is soothing for some babies out there though not all. It’s a good alternative if your baby seems to like that a lot. These two products are different approaches to helping your baby sleep better so your baby’s preference will be a big indicator as to how well they each work (or not).

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In conclusion, a weighted sleep sack can be a good option for babies who are fussier and may need some added comfort. I certainly wish I had these products to try out with my son when he struggled with sleep! Of course, maybe then I wouldn’t have created this website. My goal is to help you solve your sleep problems much faster than I did and I hope this helps!

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Zipadee Zip vs Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack – Which Is Best for Better Sleep?

The Zipadee Zip vs Nested Bean – both the Zipadee Zip Swaddle Transition Sleep Sack and the Nested Bean Sleep Sack are great products. But, do you need both? Is one better than the other for your baby’s sleep?

In this blog post, you’ll learn about both products and which we recommend!

Zipadee Zip Swaddle Transition Sleep Sack

zipadeezipWe have been recommending the Zipadee Zip for a long time even before they were on the Shark Tank. The Zipadee Zip, created by a company named Sleeping Baby, is a really great invention to help your baby sleep better when it’s time to stop swaddling.

The “wings” of the Zipadee Zip stop your baby from feeling like they are falling when the Moro reflex is still strong. Many babies are ready to transition away from the swaddle before the Moro reflex has gone away, which is where the Zipadee Zip shines. It is safe for sleeping especially when a baby is rolling over and otherwise can’t be swaddled. And, it’s also good for when your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled, yet can’t seem to stay asleep without it.

If your baby has eczema or otherwise scratches herself, the Zipadee Zip will protect the skin. I was always terrible at keeping my baby’s fingernails clipped!

There are many different styles to choose from for the Zipadee Zip. And, although you won’t need the wings as your baby gets older, so many babies like this sleep sack that they make toddler sizes as well!

Nested Bean Sleep Sack

The Nested Bean products are very innovative with the simple premise that sometimes you just need a hand on you to feel comfort. That’s what their lightly-weighted products emulate: the feeling of a parent’s hand on your baby. Of course, there’s no perfect replacement for your hand but it’s a great concept!

While Nested Bean has a few different products, the one you’d compare to the Zipadee Zip would be the Zen Sack which is a sleep sack you use after you’re done swaddling.

The Nested Bean Zen Sack has a 2-way zipper and is lightly weighted with non-toxic poly beads to give just the right amount of pressure on your baby’s chest. Or, you can flip it over if your baby is a tummy sleeper though Back is Best to reduce the risk of SIDS. This sleep sack is made with 100% soft, breathable cotton with a 0.5 TOG. This means it’s lightweight which is very versatile.

Zipadee Zip vs Nested Bean Sleep Sack – Which is Better?

Both the Zipadee Zip and the Nested Bean Sleep Sack are great sleep sacks. But, which is better for your baby’s sleep?

We have worked with families who have used both and clients love both products. As a sleep consultant for over 10 years, I can tell you that either product would be a good choice. We give the edge to the Zipadee Zip simply because many babies won’t sleep better with the “hand on the chest” concept. Most of the babies with which we work need to be picked up to be soothed. We do love the concept but it only seems to “work” for some babies. Therefore, it simply functions as a regular sleep sack. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but if the weight doesn’t “work” it loses its special-ness. Therefore, we highly recommend the Zipadee Zip for many babies, but there are a few things to consider first:

  1. Does your baby use a pacifier?
  2. Does your baby like to suck on their thumb, fingers, or hands?
  3. Does your baby like to crawl around while self-settling to sleep?

If you answered no to all of these questions, the Zipadee Zip is an excellent choice!

However, if you answered yes to any of these questions, the Zipadee Zip may or may not be the best sleep sack for your baby. And, for that reason, you might choose Nested Bean or another sleep sack. We have a list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Sacks here.

Baby Likes to Suck on Thumb, Fingers, or Hands

If your baby likes to suck on their thumb, fingers, or hands, it may work out fine. Some babies will simply suck their hands through the cloth of the wings. But, if your baby likes to really feel their fingers or thumb inside their mouth mimicking a nipple, this might not work out very well. Some babies will adapt while others will struggle. This can lead to excessive crying during sleep training.

Baby Has a Pacifier

Some babies suck on their pacifier as they fall asleep but then don’t need it again. That would make using the Zipadee Zip work out just fine.

However, some babies struggle with self-settling when they can’t maneuver their own pacifier. We want your baby to be able to wake up between sleep cycles, find their own pacifier, and pop it back in. For these babies, we’d recommend a sleep sack with hands out such as the Zen Sack or the Bitta Kidda with a built-in lovey attached.

Baby Likes to Crawl Around or Stand Up

If your baby likes to crawl around the crib as they are self-soothing or stand in the crib, they may prefer to keep their hands free. We haven’t heard many complaints about the Zipadee Zip in this regard, so it’s a minor issue but depending on your baby, it is something to consider.

Zipadee Zip vs Nested Bean – Which to Buy?

If you still don’t know which product to buy and can’t afford to try both, I highly recommend you start with the Zipadee Zip. This is based on over 10 years of working with families and getting reports about which products their babies love. I know based on the experience of many families that your baby is most likely going to LOVE it!

Of course, your baby’s sleepwear is only one variable that impacts your baby’s sleep. And, that’s what we do here at The Baby Sleep Site!

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