WATCH: Teacher stripped and beaten after allegedly having sex with pupil

A staff member of a secondary school in Mphahlele near Lebowakgomo in Limpopo was allegedly caught having sex with a pupil.

Members of the Seleteng community in Mphahlele beat the man and shared a video clip on social media.

Alleged statutory rape

As per unconfirmed reports, the man and the student attend the Kgagatlou Secondary School.

The Citizen contacted the Kgagatlou Secondary School but was referred to the Limpopo Department of Education.

The video below has been blurred for discretion. However, do proceed with caution.

WATCH: Man stripped and beaten

Mike Maringa from the media liaison office for the Limpopo Department of Education said he was aware of the video, but was still awaiting a full report.

While he could not confirm the age of the pupil, he said the act didn’t take place on school premises – the man and the pupil reportedly “went away for the weekend”.

We could not confirm if the man was a deputy principal (as per statements on social media) or a teacher.

This is a developing story. We will provide an update once the provincial department of education releases a statement.

South Africans respond

Needless to say, South Africans were enraged and commended the community for “dealing with the matter switfly”.

While several netizens referenced size (which is a topic for another day, really), others expressed concern for the safety of students.

One said: “I hope the learner is ok and I’m glad they caught him. Well done to the community”, while another added:

“I can bet it’s not the first time. Many more might come out. He’s been very comfortable doing this.”

‘Skop ‘n donor style’

One Twitter user said the Seleteng community is known for dealing with matters on their own terms: “They don’t play ko gae… known for dealing with criminals the Skop ‘n Donor style”.

“A lot of kids from there got pregnant through statutory rape. The deputy principal breached his employment boundaries. He was losing his career. Now he got a case against the community.”

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