‘Die Nyl’ is not only a river in Egypt – Zeenat Simjee continues to deny affair with Elton Jantjies

The Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee is sticking to her story claiming it wasn’t her, but one of the other women in the Springbok camp, who canoodled with Springbok fly-half Elton Jantjies at two guesthouses in Mbombela.

Simjee and Jantjies’ affair was splurged all over the Sunday newspapers in September after it came to light that the rugby player entertained a woman, who was not his wife, during the week leading up to the Springboks test match against the All Blacks in Mbombela at the beginning of August.

While Jantjies has admitted to having an affair with Simjee to his wife, model Iva Ristic, Simjee is vehemently denying having ever been romantically involved with Jantjies.

Earlier this week Simjee’s lawyer, Frikkie Erasmus, told Afrikaans publication Beeld that the woman who was seen with Jantjies in Mbombela was not his client, but a woman who looked a lot like her.

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Erasmus said it was a case of mistaken identity and that Jantjies’s mistress’ identity is known to them, but they did not want to reveal her name “because a much bigger problem would then arise”.

‘There is only one Zee’

Jantjies once again confirmed to Afrikaans Sunday publication Rapport that it was Simjee who he had an affair with, and not one of the other three women in the Springbok camp as claimed by Erasmus.

Apart from Simjee, there are three other women in the Springbok camp: Rene Naylor, the Springboks physiotherapist; Zeena Isaacs-van Tonder, the team’s spokesperson and Lelani van der Merwe, the team’s masseuse.

All three women have denied ever having been romantically involved with Jantjies.

Jantjies told Rapport he doesn’t understand why Erasmus and Simjee are continuing to deny that she had an affair with him.

“There is only Zee,” he said.

Simjee’s lawyer told the publication that she is a Muslim who doesn’t even drink (alcohol) and that it’s absurd that she would enter into a relationship with Jantjies. “She was simply a confidant of Jantjies,” Erasmus added.

Jantjies said he doesn’t have to proof that he did have a relationship with Simjee as she knows the truth.

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