‘Teachers are terribly burdened by the failures of ANC,’ says EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has honoured teachers on World Teachers’ Day, further saying they are burdened by the failures of the African National Congress (ANC).

“It is African teachers who are the first respondents when our children fall to their deaths in pit toilets because the ANC hates the African Child,” said the party.

According to the party, African teachers were also traumatised daily by pupils’ hunger because the ruling party stole money through corruption, instead of forming feeding schemes.

The same teachers were also subjected to dilapidated classrooms or even had to teach under trees because the ANC has failed to provide adequate educational structures.

The party also stated that while the President was living a lavish and luxurious life, teachers earned peanuts and were merely just getting by.

“It is teachers who are grossly underpaid while the State President, Cyril Ramaphosa stashes cash in mattresses at his Phala Phala Farm.”

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“We recognise our teachers who are terribly burdened by the failures of the ANC government. African teachers are on the receiving end of systemic racism in private and Model-C schools.”

The EFF also said that the public and private education systems in the country intensified the racism and separate development among pupils.

“The disparity in the education system, which is dogged by stark inequalities and chronic underperformance, has deep roots in the legacy of apartheid that has gone largely unaddressed by the ANC Government,” said the EFF.

Another matter the party raised was that of sex predators parading as teachers, who abuse their power over young lives.

“In all likelihood the rape of learners by their teachers is higher as cases of learners who do not fall pregnant are generally not reported. It also does not account for learners who are often forced to have abortions.”

The EFF said it has a deep appreciation and understanding of the critical role of teachers in their fight for economic emancipation and that it will ensure the continuous development to address the professional and personal needs of teachers.

“The EFF pays a revolutionary tribute to our Teachers who go beyond the call of duty, those who are considerate in caring and attending to learners who are orphans, learners from child headed households.”

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