Pet cat finds ‘feisty’ black mamba hiding under bathtub at Durban home

A black mamba in Queensburgh, Durban, thought a bathroom would be a nice, cool place to spend the afternoon in, as opposed to the outside heat.

Durban snake catcher and conservationist, Nick Evans, said the homeowners had noticed their cat in the passageway intently staring at something in the bathroom. That’s when they noticed this snake.

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“When I arrived, it was hiding under the bath. Imagine relaxing in the bath, and this came up to say hi. Would be interesting,” said Evans.

He said he was, however, glad that the homeowners called him when they saw the snake, instead of waiting.

“The whole weekend, I was getting calls to catch a snake, seen a day or days ago. First thing in the morning, too late at night. I really don’t understand the point.”

Evans said it was actually common for people to wait a few days after seeing the snake before calling him to remove it.

He said the black mamba was small, just under a meter and a half, or no more than that. He said black mambas this size are always a handful, and said this one was particularly feisty.

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