PICS: Man calls himself ‘Jesus reborn’, drowns in Loskop Dam

Security guards near the Loskop Dam in northern Mpumalanga attended to a bizarre scene on Saturday, after a disorientated man set his car alight and drowned.

Middelburg Observer reported the Pentagon security guards found the man, who identified himself as “Jesus reborn”, frantically ripping out the seats of his VW Golf near the dam wall.

He then set his vehicle alight, Leonardus van Vreden and his colleague Herman Malan told the publication.

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Man calls himself ‘Jesus reborn’, drowns in Loskop Dam
The burnt out car of ‘Jesus reborn’. Photo: Middelburg Observer
Man calls himself ‘Jesus reborn’, drowns in Loskop Dam
Photo: Middelburg Observer

As the security guards were extinguishing the fire, the man ran into nearby bushes.

At this point, police joined security guards at the scene, after which the man was spotted walking into the dam.

Man calls himself ‘Jesus reborn’, drowns in Loskop Dam
After setting his car alight, ‘Jesus reborn’ ran into nearby bushes. Photo: Middelburg Observer

Witnesses tried to persuade him from the shoreline not to wade further into the dam, but their pleas were ignored.

“Jesus” then made his way further into the dam, and drowned. Attempts to save his life proved unsuccessful.

The body of the man was transported to the state morgue by forensic pathologists, and is yet to be identified by his family.

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Edited by Nica Richards.

This article first appeared on Caxton publication Middelburg Observer’s website, by Tiisetso Malunga. Read the original article here.

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