‘I’m humbled’ – DJ Zinhle’s Hair Majesty promises to do better

Musician and businesswoman DJ Zinhle has reconsidered her first response and released an official statement after a viral TikTok video criticised her Hair Majesty wigs.

A TikTok creator, Thulisile Lushaba gave her hair business, Hair Majesty, a 0 out of 10 rating after purchasing a 16-inch wig worth R3 170. 

Lushaba complained about how thin the wig hair was, her video went viral, leading DJ Zinhle to apologise, however, her apology was criticised for its “arrogant” tone according to fans.

“This must be the first time in history that a business receives a bad review… Just so you know, I have contacted the customer and we are dealing with it. Further than that, I can’t help you guys,” she tweeted. 

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The businesswoman who also owns Era by Zinhle changed her tune on Thursday.

She said: “As a businesswoman, I’m humbled by recent events and want to take this opportunity to inform you that we are taking all feedback seriously and are doing everything in our power to ensure that our customer promises are being met”.

In the statement, Hair Majesty said they strive for excellence in the ethnic beauty space.

“In keeping to our promise of sustained quality, we accept and regret a customer report on a particular product did not reflect us.” 

The company added that they value customer feedback and the incident highlighted the importance of understanding their clients better. Hair Majesty says they will now have stricter quality controls. 

In the viral video, Lushaba said she was surprised with the wig quality for the price she paid.  

“If I had known the wig was so thin, this, I’m not even sure it’s 100g. Like, on the DJ Zinhle website, the Hair Majesty [website] they need to specify that the hair is 100g, 100 per cent density, 180 per cent density, 200 [per cent] density. They need to tell us the density of the wig so that we know exactly what we are purchasing,” she said in her video.

“If it’s already thin at a short length, how thin will it be for a twenty-something inch?” she asked. 

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