Daily hacks: How to change your eye shape with makeup

On TikTok, beauty trends have a high rate of turnover with fads being picked up and spreading quickly from one week to the next.

But some of the longer-lasting trends often persist by inspiring a host of variations.

Many makeup artists on the platform are offering solutions for changing the appearance of your eye shape – something appreciated by many users who want to radically change their look.

For a few months now, it’s been trendy among beauty influencers on TikTok to completely change one’s look with different tutorials that can make you nearly unrecognizable.

A few weeks ago, TikTok mavens were teaching us how to use false eyelashes to transform our look into that of a character straight out of a manga… incredible, but true!

Siren eyes for a more mysterious look

Sirens or mermaids are mythological creatures that inspire fascination, whether with their wavy hair or glittery mermaid tail pattern, which we see echoes of everywhere.

With a hashtag that counts over 490 million views, it’s now siren eyes that are the talk of the town, a makeup trend offering a very sensual look and helping followers create a kind of almond shape for their eyes.

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Simple enough to achieve, the trend requires only a good eyeliner and bronze-brown eye makeup shades.

After applying the eyeshadow in a variation of a cut crease, simply draw a small line of eyeliner from the tip of the eye to the end of the eyebrow and fill in the tip starting from the center of the eye.

It may seem complicated, but the many tutorials available on the social network show it’s within reach of most us. 

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Doe eyes

Often compared to siren eyes, doe eyes are proving to be the TikTok makeup trend for those looking to round out your eye shape.

With over 388 million views, this makeup trick is not much more complicated than the previous one.

Once again it’s all about the eyeliner: a rather short, high tip on the corner while a very thick line rounds out the upper part of the eye.

Then, a white pencil in the lower eyelid’s inner waterline accentuates the effect. The difference is obvious.

For a look worthy of Bambi, check out this step-by-step tutorial.

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Sleepy eyes, a new trend

It’s no joke; while many traditional makeup tips are designed to make you look more awake, one of the latest generating buzz on the Chinese social network is “sleepy eyes,” which counts over 92 million views.

It is once again about dark shadow in the hollow of the eyelid and eyeliner. This time, the tip of the liner must be stretched straight out on the corner of the eye.

The line starts in the middle of the eyelid and is extended under the eye. The eye looks elongated and quite closed, like in the morning when you’ve just woken up.

So if you want to get into the trend, you can try your hand at following a TikTok tutorial or just skip your pre-work coffee.

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