John struggles to choose the women he truly loves on ‘Uyajola 99’

Another week, another cheating bust on Mzansi’s favourite reality show Uyajola 99 as the host Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye and the Uyajola 99 team help a woman discover that her boyfriend has been unfaithful in the last few months of their relation.

The victim of Sunday evenings episode was Sophie Ngobeni, who wrote to the Uyajola 99 for help after noticing some changes in her sex life with her husband John, and suspecting that her husband may be cheating on her because he no longer gives her money or access to his bank cards.

“I think that something is wrong with him. He has an erectile dysfunction in bed, and he doesn’t give me his bank card anymore,” said Ngobeni.

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Sophie also revealed that she tried to assist her husband with his erectile dysfunction by getting him some natural and traditional herbs in hopes to restore their sex life, but that did not help him.

“I tried to give him all the herbs I could find, but that never helped him,” said Ngobeni.

Doing what he does best, Jub Jub and his team located Sophie’s husband’s location, and when they arrived they found him with his other partner.

A physical fight arises between Sophie and her husband’s girlfriend, which is quickly dissolved by the security team.

While Sophie and John’s girlfriend argue back and forth, it is revealed that John has a child outside of his marriage, with his girlfriend, and that the two of them have been dating since 2014.

John was then given the ultimatum to choose who he loves and wants to be with, and his choice was his girlfriend.

Here are some reactions from viewers who watched Sunday evening’s episode of ‘Uyajola 99‘:

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