‘I don’t like coloureds like you’ – Teacher suspended following altercation with parent at school

The Gauteng department of education has removed a teacher from the Fred Norman Secondary School in Ennerdale following an altercation with a pupil’s grandparent in full view of the pupils.

According to social media users, the incident took place on Friday.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, the grandparent and teacher can be seen exchanging insults in a classroom as the pupils watch on.

While it is unclear what the fight was about, the teacher calls the grandparent “trash”, further saying: “I don’t like coloureds, I will never wake up liking coloureds like you. You guys don’t have manners.”

“Trash? You’re calling me trash? Are you calling me trash? You don’t know me,” the grandparent responds, before her granddaughter jumps in and tells the teacher not to “disrespect my grandmother like that”.

The Gauteng education department says it has launched an investigation into circumstances surrounding this incident and will communicate the outcome in due course.

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“Accordingly, the affected educator has been precautionarily removed from the school until further notice,” said the department in a statement on Monday.

“Educators must always be exemplary figures at our schools by maintaining a high command of good conduct and teaching our learners with dignity. We also implore parents to use appropriate channels to address their grievances rather than resorting to other platforms.

“Furthermore, schools are institutions of learning and they should be treated as such.”

Meanwhile, social media users have called for her to be completely removed from the school, with some calling on the South African Human Rights Commission to intervene.

“This is what marginalised people must endure. This is offensive and deserves the full might of the law to prevent outbursts of this nature. Please investigate Fred Norman Senior Secondary school in Ennerdale Jhb,” said Hans Gruber, while Matshepo MM said: “Fred Norman Secondary School, teacher swearing at a parent.this is truly sad when we have teachers getting paid for nothing, while we have teachers who needs these jobs.”

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