UPS – A needed device during load shedding

The energy crisis in South Africa has affected our daily lives, particularly how we are unable to connect to certain devices when Eskom decides to switch off the lights. 

Added to our plight, many people have adapted the hybrid model by working from home and at the office. When load shedding is implemented at times, at short notice, working from home can be difficult or impossible.  

Forget your Wi-Fi internet connection and other plug connections unless you have a backup generator or solar panels, if you don’t have access to these, your phone is your next bet.

However, smartphones can only do so much, the portable mini UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is increasingly becoming a top option for consumers. These small and useful gadgets keep your electronic devices on and powered during a power outage. It works for routers, modems, decoders, alarms and surveillance systems. 

Reviewing the Eaton 3S Mini UPS during the height of stage 4 and 6 blackouts in late June to early July, the device is sleek, light and compatible. 

It has the usual internet getaway applications, virtual assistant, smart home controller and cloud for a gaming box. To start, the installation of the device is quite simple. It does need to be charged before using it to its full capacity. 

The Eaton S3 does come with four barrel connectors, making it compatible with many devices. 

Connecting the Wi-Fi router is also quick and simple, our router did survive on the S3 in the said 80-minutes, with a basic internet connection which was slower between two people. 

However, just having a connection is very helpful. 

Eaton S3 biggest selling point is that it runs silently, requires no extra wires, easy to pack for travelling purchases and doesnt need much space to install. The UPS also streams a TV player with up to fours to enjoy any of your streaming platforms. From our experience, there were no glitches or difficulties, it was seamless to watch our favourite shows. 

One of the downsides of a UPS, however, is the battery power, if you are unlucky and you have a power outage that will leave you in darkness for several hours, any type of connectivity won’t last as the battery will die. 

The Eaton S3 does come in a universal plug which may not fit your plugs, it may be possible for you to purchase another universal plug with two edges, not the three.  

This device is a good choice for people who want to continue working on their devices, and use the internet and is great for gamers too. 

With security a big concern in SA, we didn’t have a smart security system or security camera to test out Eaton’s UPS to see how well this feature works. Because it has an option, it comes with great comfort for those who are worried about security during load shedding. 

Eaton S3 Mini UPS is a needed device in dark times.

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