2 month vaccines then constipation?

Our 2 month baby boy had his 2 month vaccines yesterday, including the oral rotavoris. He usually has multiple bowl movements a day, but since yesterday's shots/oral, he has not passed a bowl movement on his own, he's been trying hard, stressing trying to pass a stool, knees to his chest over and over, squirming, ect. but ends up crying because he can't/he's in pain. Last night he did have 100.5 fever when we went to put him down last night, we called the after hours hotline as instructed if we notice a fever. The on call doctor called us back and said she wasn't worried about the fever but his irritableness and not getting to sleep, I mention his lack of bowl movement and his pushing and crying. She said we should try to use a rectal thermometer to get him to pass gas. So, we used a windy and got some gas/stool, but it wasn't enough for him and he still was crying. Fast forward to today, same thing, we used a windy once, and got results in the form of stool, but he doesn't seam satisfied.

Please tell me we're not crazy in that the oral vaccine has caused his upset belly? He does have a CMPA, and is sensitive to lactose. With history of being sensitive to anything what but his hypoallergenic formula. We hate this because when we tried switching from Nutramigen to Alimentum he had similar issues with constipation and fussyness that took about a week to clear up back to normal once we decided the switch wasn't worth the sleepless nights and constant fussyness.

Did this happen to anyone else's baby? We hope this doesn't last a week, then we have to look forward to this all over again at 4 months.

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