Struggling with safe sleep

Hi all,

Despite my wife and I having the best of intentions, I feel like one or both of us will lapse into unsafe sleep practices each night with our son (3 weeks old).

We take turns with him overnight and it’s common for him to be a cuddle bug who gets fussy when we put him down in his bassinet. This has resulted in the bad habit of us falling asleep with him on our chests – with the intention of moving him to the bassinet after he falls into a deep enough sleep, but sometimes not quite getting there.

Does anyone have any tips or recommendations to help ourselves be better, even when we’re so tired? I feel like I end up fighting with the version of ourselves when we’re sleepy-brained because those people are much more likely to take risks that I don’t agree with when I’m fully awake. Hopefully that makes sense.

Thank you.

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