Fighting sleep

My baby is 8 months old. He has always fought sleep. It's getting worse! He gets angry, kicks, screams, etc. He literally fights sleep! It's so frustrating. I know it's considered normal, especially at this age, but it's so bad that he rarely sleeps alone. He doesn't like to sleep alone and will wake up screaming bloody murder if he does. I could let my daughter cry it out at this age, and she'd be asleep in 15 minutes and sleep all night. If I let current baby cry, he will scream no less than 30 minutes before broken sleep. He'll be snotty faced, beet red, everything. He can be falling over from being so tired and still scream because he's fighting sleep. If you've had a similar experience with your LO, what was the turning point?

Ps….he has separation anxiety for sure. More often than not, if I set him down, he screams. If he's happily playing and he sees me walk by, he screams. Hours of the day and night, he's just screaming…

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