Baby Wheeze Advice

Baby Wheeze Advice

Hi everybody.

Our 8 month old (first born) has had a persistent wheeze when he breaths abs cough for over 6 months now.

We initially went to the gp and they referred us to hospital and it was bronchiolitis. They were satisfied with him and sent him home and said it was just about managing the symptoms. He never has a temperature, always has an appetite and always happy and has good temperament. We did ring the GP again and they just said it’s fine and he is a wheezy baby but didn’t even want us to bring him in for them to listen (Only care above Covid these days).

Some days it sounds worse and we try humidifier, keeping him hydrated with water etc. It’s just a worry and we often get comments about his wheeze. Has anybody else had any similar experiences and if so any advice? We also want reassurance that it’s nothing more serious to worry about and that he is going to be ok.

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