Letting people hold your baby

This is kind of a rant. I have a six month old and recently have encountered awkward moments when allowing other people to hold her. I would assume there’s some kind of etiquette but apparently there is not. I realize there’s a chance I may be over protective and speaking for myself. For one, when someone lets you hold their baby that does not mean pass around the baby to whomever you feel like once you’re done. Give her back to the parent or ask! Two, IF you get to hold someone’s baby do not toss them in the air, flip them around and hold them upside down. Three! Do not feed someone’s baby or put anything in their mouths unless you ask the mother! I am SO shocked at people. I was at dinner the other night with a large group of people and every single one of these happened, I was cringing. After she got passed down the table someone who was just eating chicken wings decided to let her suck ranch off of his finger! I asked what is that? Sorry! She’s not allowed to have that. Next he attempted a French fry, I said she can’t have anything right now. Next was a dirty toy from his kids he put in her mouth. That was the final straw, I went and grabbed her, put her in the car seat and left. I am officially appalled at people. From now on I’m going to be even more careful with who I let hold her. Only people I know for a fact will not do these types of things. Someone also put their baby’s dirty teether in her mouth earlier this week and I’ve just had it. I just had to get this off my chest. I would also like to add fourth that should be a given but apparently is not. For the love of god do not go to someone’s house if you are sick!!! Especially if there is a baby! By all means you all do what you feel comfortable with but if it isn’t your baby please please just ASK first!

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