Angelic Baby Names?

Alright so I've been thinking about having my own kid for a while. I've been working with kids since I was young, helping raise plenty (I'm talking having week long sleepovers with infants plenty of times), so I'm well experienced and love babies.

Only issue? I have no idea what to name a kid. Boy or girl. And I've gone through so many lists!

The thing is, I love those pretty sounding names that are uncommon but not absurd. For girls, I've always like Natalia, Anastacia and Cecelia. Only issue is my cousins who I'm close with took the first two and my SO's sister is named Cecelia. I've had the same issue with boys. I loved Noel, Mateo, Alexander and Levi. All taken.

So, anyone wanna throw me some suggestions? I have a preference for names of Latin/Spanish origins, as I am Cuban. But its not a requirement.

Thanks! Id feel a lot better moving forward once I have the perfect name! Or at least some ideas

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