Question about baby helmets and Insurance (Plagiocephaly and Torticolos)

So my six month old boy has to get a helmet. He just went in today for his helmet measurements. He has 8% asymmetry, and 93% width (doctor wants to see 4% and 50%) and I have a question about getting it covered by insurance because his flat head was caused by torticolos (tight neck muscles) from being head down in the womb with his head tilted which made it get kind of stuck that way. We have been going to weekly physical therapy and want to get him the helmet. The doctor said today that it’s around $800 if insurance covers it and $2500 if they don’t and we have 50% chance of them covering it but originally doctor told us they would cover it because of his muscle issue with his neck as a contributing cause. They told us we have to fill out forms describing our routine and how many times we do yummy time etc,

Does anyone have experience with this and with getting it covered by insurance?

Any tips would be so appreciated. Thank you I’m advance.

Edit: Tummy time, not yummy time. They told us early on that tummy time was key to gain strength in his muscles and it was, he can already sit up without help and is starting to crawl around now that his core is strong too

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