13 great uses for nipple cream you didn’t know about

Nipple cream is usually used for dry, sore, cracked nipples, but the moms on the Living & Loving team have found a couple of other handy uses for it. We especially love number 11!

1. From the nip to the lip

Nipple cream is hands down the best lip balm around. The tiniest bit of nipple cream can protect, moisturise and heal your dry, cracked lips. It doesn’t tingle and sting like certain lip balms do. It just leaves a smooth, rich, protective barrier on your lips.

2. Ointment for scraped knees

“My little one’s skin is very sensitive. If she falls and skins her knees, even taking a gentle bath stings the wounds. I hate seeing either of my babies cry. Enter the lanolin. It provides a soothing, non-stingy barrier and helps the wound heal faster. We save it especially for rug burn-type wounds.”

3. Drool rash ointment

“We’re approaching teething time with our little miss and her poor chin has seen better days. She gets dry, chapped skin from all the slobber flowing down over her chin to her bib. A few applications of nipple cream later and the dry, red rash is completely gone. I always rub a little on her cheeks, too. It keeps her skin smooth and fresh. And I don’t have to worry about her rubbing a little into her mouth.”

4. Nappy rash cream

Lanolin also makes a great barrier for the bum. It protects your baby’s bottom and heals chapped areas. Do you see a pattern here? Lanolin nipple cream is good for any rash!

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5. Razor-nick ointment

Not only does it soothe the sting and promote healing, but it stops the bleeding too. Handy!

6. Helps heal minor cuts, burns and skin abrasions.

7. Soothes itchy stretch marks.

8. Replenishes the lanolin in wool diaper covers and wool nursing pads.

9. Heals cracked, dry winter cuticles or wind- and cold-chapped cheeks.

10. Treats eczema.

11. Unstick a stuck zipper.

12. Helps remove a too-tight ring from fingers swollen from pregnancy.

13. Moisturises dry and itchy skin on elbows, knees and heels.

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