Dear Pandemic Baby

By AM Brown

I first heard your heartbeat while others were stopping;

you grew in my tummy with case numbers topping the charts in our country and all ‘cross the world,

and here I was wondering – were you boy, were you girl?

Alone at appointments, I FaceTimed your father;

he saw all your ultrasounds through a screen, with our daughter.

I labored for hours that somehow seemed fast, with nurses and doctors, and myself in a mask.

No visits allowed in the hospital halls, cocooned with our newborn, away from it all, we actually felt lucky to focus on you, for the moments pass quickly – we already knew.

A few of our circle have seen you through zoom,

and we hope that the vaccine will enable more soon.

Until then, it’s just us, while the world passes by.

Though I hated 2020 it would be a lie

to say it was all bad, because, it is true – that the worst year on record…

still gave us YOU. ❤️

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