One day we got McDonald’s and I had a shake. My dad was offering my 2 year old brother fries. He took fries out gently and put it on his plate slowly one by one. It was so funny and cute that my shake came out my nose when I laughed.

My baby brother wanted apples but started throwing a fit when my dad brought him apple slices. He was like “FINE YOU WANNA EAT THE APPLE NORMALLY?!?!” And slammed the other half of the apple never to him. My dad was eating and apple normally and my baby brother Tyler picked up the half and tried eating the apple like my dad. It was adorbs.

We have a mini trampoline for toddlers that Tyler loves. I was like wow you are so good at jumping I can’t jump like that. I went on, jumped twice, stepped off, sat on the floor, and lied down. I was like oh no. He then copied me. Jumping then fake falling. I love him.

If you like this then I’ll post more

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