MUST WATCH: The most adorable taste challenge you will ever come across

“A brave soul,” this is how Facebook audiences have described this little boy who participates in a taste challenge with his mom. This is not a typical taste challenge where your little one tastes lemon for the first time. It is the ultimate taste challenge, with different episodes and a collection of food items to taste at once.

The challenge is that he tastes an item and either gives it a thumbs up or down.

He does not seem dismayed as he excitedly takes one after the other with a joy only a happy kid would know. Spicey pickles, pickled carrots, balsamic vinegar, and dark liver mousse are amongst some of the items on his long list of foods.

Some of his judgments are confusing, as his face says no, but he gives mom a big thumbs up.

The anchovy paste got an immediate thumbs down.

The video shared by the Black Doctor Facebook page received thousands of reactions from people that admired his bravery and his amazing attitude. One user commented and said “what a cutie and goes in with such a great attitude. Few adults would try all that as he does… no hesitation at all.”

It is a must-see.

Watch the full video below:

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