Is it a serious medical condition?

I gave birth to my little daughter 15 days ago, everything was fine till the day where i noticed a strange thing inside her mouth, at first it looked like a white spot or a pimple, i didn't want to touch it, i thought it's milk or something and it will disappear. But the next days it began to grow even bigger a little so i decided to touch it, and it appeared hard and it looked like a tooth, and i know for sure that babies cannot have teeth before 6 months. It is just one tooth in the center of her jaws, she has no fever or anything. I did some research and i found out that there is a very rare condition where babies can be born with teeth, and it is called "Natal teeth". Ive read some articles online about it and they say that this usually appears to be associated to some very serious medical conditions such as :

  • Ellis–van Creveld syndrome Disease
  • Hallermann–Streiff syndrome Disease
  • Pierre Robin syndrome Disease
  • Sotos syndrome Disease

I am so worried about this condition, i still didn't see the doctor yet and i wanted to ask for your opinion and is it that serious? should i be worried? These diseases seem to be very serious and also even if it is not serious, they say in these articles that i have to remove that tooth out of my baby and i am worried about the procedure. i found these information on Wikipedia and i am just asking if anybody else had this?????

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