What to do with the kids 3 January 2021: 5 fun things to do at home on a budget

1. Have a picnic

Pack a picnic basket filled with your family’s favourite treats and set it up in your back yard for a fun day with the kids. You can plan a treasure hunt with clues in the garden or try one of these fun outdoor games. If you feel like an outing, drive to your nearest park and set up your picnic there. Remember the ball and Frisbee to keep the little ones busy while you relax under the trees.

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2. Have a bake off

Kids love making anything from cupcakes and cookies to pizza, because they get to squish the dough with their fingers. Get the whole family together in the kitchen for a baking contest – you can have a cookie decorating contest or the panel of judges (Mom and Dad) can decide whose pizza tastes the best. Click here for an easy cookie dough recipe. You can buy ready-made pizza bases from the supermarket or make your own from scratch with this quick and easy recipe.

3. Beading

Kids love beading. Buy a bag of assorted beads at a craft shop and let your kids sort the beads by shape and colour. They can string bigger beads on a shoelace and smaller beads on an elastic string. You can also buy a book about beading or go to your local library to find books about beading to help your child with original ideas. Remember to always supervise beading if young children are taking part, as they can easily swallow and choke on the beads.

4. Treasure hunt

Children of all ages enjoy treasure hunts. Start by drawing a map with clues to follow. Draw pictures on the map, as your child would probably not be able to read written clues or instructions. Hide all kinds of objects (fun stuff) around the house and garden. Challenge your child to find as many hidden treasures as possible.

5. Create a kiddies garden

Creating a kiddies garden is something the whole family can get involved in and can be loads of fun. Find a suitable place in your garden and get to work with your child. Make sure to use child friendly potting mix as many mixes contain fertilisers that are not safe if consumed. Also make sure that the plants are child friendly. A good choice to consider is everyday herbs as they are edible, and some are very aromatic or have colourful flowers. Good choices are: spearmint, fennel, parsley, chives, basil, lettuce, carrots, primrose, daisies, pansies, petunias and lavender. Place the plants in such a way that it spells a word or your child’s name.

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