What to do with the kids 1 January 2021: 5 fun garden activities for toddlers

Throw a tea party

Set a table in the garden and have a tea party with your toddler. This will allow you to spend quality time with your little one and afford her the opportunity to engage in imaginative play. Choose a scene and different names for each other and act out a little play.
If it’s too hot for tea, this yummy lemonade squash recipe will be the perfect beverage to quench your thirst.

Bubble burst paintings

Your toddler will adore this game. Mix 15 drops of food colouring into ½ cup of bubble solution. Tape a large piece of paper against a tree or to the wall or fence and let your little one blow the bubbles against it. Your tot will love watching the coloured bubbles hit the paper.

Create an obstacle course

Running, jumping, kicking and throwing is an essential part of your toddler’s development. Stimulate these gross-motor skills by getting him to kick a ball to the fence or jump on one leg through a simple obstacle course, and throw a tennis ball into a bucket. Use hula hoops or other objects you have on hand to create a simple obstacle course your little one can manage.

Make a balloon kite

Your tot may not have the skills to fly a normal kite yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play along. Balloon kites are easy to fly even when there’s no wind. Simply buy a large helium balloon, kite string and some paper streamers.
Tie a long piece of kite string to the balloon and the other end around your child’s wrist. You can attach a couple of pieces of paper streamers to the balloon to make it look more like an actual kite.
Sit back and relax and watch your tot amuse himself while you and your partner catch up.
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Have a backyard car wash

Do you need to wash your car and look after your toddler at the same time? No problem. Toddlers love to do what their parents do – so instead of risking his little hands on your brand new car, get him his own bucket with water and soap and a selection of his toy cars. While you clean your car, he can be right next to you washing and drying his own cars. Leave the cars upside down in the sun for a while to make sure there’s no water left in any crevasses.

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