Daughter was ill for the first time

My little girl is 7 months and just like her dad (me) chose Christmas to be ill enough to warrant a visit to hospital. She had a tummy bug, and one hell of a fever that just wouldn't not drop. I finished work on Christmas eve morning and came home, went to sleep for a nap but just a few hours later got woken up by mummy saying get up, we're taking her to hospital. With Covid being a thing right now we got there and only one parent was allowed in with baby, the receptionist took our baby's temperature and it was up at 39.8 Degrees Celsius. We knew it was high but that made me feel really bad. She was seen fairly fast and given some meds to bring the fever down and mummy was told to strip her down to her diaper/nappy. Her temperature fell in about 20 minutes to the normal 36.6 upto about 37 and she was a happy bunny. We got her home after spending nearly 20 quid on taxis (always have something in cash or bank for those moments) we devised a plan. I'm happy to report that after 3 days of absolute super cranky our little one is sleeping soundly and is keeping food down. As new parents we had no idea what to do when her fever wouldn't break, we gave her a cooler than usual bath following advice from midwives, not cold but a bit cooler than normal. Kept her more uncovered and thinner or no blankets, let her bottles cool before she had them and we even turned to medication like paracetamoland and ibuprofen. It was a nightmare πŸ˜” I don't want to discourage anybody who is pregnant or wanting a baby but what we would call an irritating case of an upset tummy and a small fever to her brand new immune system it's the apocalypse. My partner usually gets really sick with colds and stuff I tend to get over them in hours (not even kidding) but prepare yourself fellow parents. Prepare! Clean home is all well and good but if there's something going round the baby will most likely get it. Just remember all you can do is help. They may not be able to say exactly what's up but a cuddle usually helps in most situations. Bottom line here is I learnt just how important a simple cuddle is. Cuddle your kids parents. I'm glad she's better, I truly am πŸ˜€

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