Nighttime Tears

My baby just turned 4mo . I try my best to give her a positive happy environment , when we watch TV it’s always Elmo . One day I leave her with my husband to go grocery shopping. When I get back I see he’s watching Vikings. I comment that is too violent for her and he replies that there was only one beheading . I was annoyed , but she seemed okay . Lo and behold ever since that night she cries 1-3 times throughout her sleep cycle , she will even wake up (frantic) before falling back asleep again . It truly pains my heart that she is going through this . I don’t know what the actual cause of these nightmares are, but my husband thinks I’m ridiculous for even suggesting violent television can effect her . His parents feel the same way , they agree she doesn’t know or understand what’s going on . I do not agree with these statements and I hate that he can’t be on the same page with me , Especially with his family backing him up . So tell me , can violent TV truly effect a 3mo + ? Because I believe so . I feel so guilty.

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