Court rules Diego Maradona’s body to be ‘conserved’ due to his pending paternity cases

During his time, football legend Diego Maradona was known to be a ladies’ man. He was married in 1984 and divorced his wife Claudia Villafañe in 2004. Together they had two children, Dalma Nerea and Gianinna Dinorah, born in 1987 and 1989 respectively.

Maradona has claimed three children he had outside his marriage; Diego Sinagra (Diego Junior), Jana Maradona, and Diego Fernando.

After his death in November 2020, two other children have come out claiming to be his and requiring testing to be done. 19-year-old Santiago Laga claims that his teenage mother had an affair with Maradona. Santiago’s mother died at age 23 after struggling with lung cancer in 2006. Santiago filed a request with the courts for his father’s body to be exhumed for DNA purposes.

A 25-year-old mom, Magali Gil, also claims that Maradona is her father. According to Daily Mail Magali says it is her “universal right” to know whether or not Maradona is her father.

This feud has led to the court ruling that the body should be conserved in case DNA tests need to take place.

According to Herald Live, these cases come in light of the knowledge of a container with items that are worth more than £37 million. In the container are soccer balls, t-shirts, and even a letter from Fidel Castro, the former prime minister of Cuba.

Magali has been quoted saying that “my case never ceased. It will never stop. I’m not going to stop until I resolve this matter. Until I know if Diego Maradona is my biological father or not.” She started her legal battles for paternity in April 2019.

She was raised by adoptive parents, and in 2018, her biological mother told her who her biological father is.

Diego is known to have four more children that he never claimed.

He was buried on 26 November 2020 but his body could not be cremated as planned due to the cases pending against him. His body will continue to remain buried and cremation cannot take place according to the courts.

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