WATCH: Every mom can relate to this video showing just what 2020 has been like for parents

Being a mom in 2020, in retrospect had a lot of experiences that moms would not normally go through.

When the world was shut down earlier this year by COVID-19, things on the home front also changed. Parents became teachers, healthcare practitioners, and every other role you can think of.

Moms, in particular, were making sure that the kids were safe and being very vigilant while doing it. This means that every sneeze made them anxious, and hand sanitiser was the order of the day.

Penn and Kim Holderness created a video showing the reality of every mom in 2020. Moms could relate, even thanking Kim for creating the video. One mom said, “thank you for keeping them real and putting out there what we are all doing and thinking.”

The video will have you laughing because of how relatable it is for parents.

Kim ends the video by adding that the things that took place in 2020 were never on her 2020 vision board. We are confident that it was not part of anyones.

Watch the full video below:

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