10 ways to turn your backyard into a fun zone

You’re probably wondering if you’ll make it through to the end of January with all the Christmas gifts you need to buy and festive fun activities (that often cost a pretty penny). Here are a few ideas that will have you feeling like a superhero in your own back yard, and your little one will think you’re the coolest parent on the block.

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Have fun in the sun

Make the most of the warm summer days and fill some balloons with water and hang them up on the trees within your child’s reach. Invite a few friends over and let them loose for some watery fun.

Roll with the punctures

Create an obstacle course by getting a few old tyres together and laying them on the grass just a few metres away from each other. Cheer each other on as you hop all the way to the finish line.

Create a slippery slide

You can use heavy-duty plastic bags to make your own slide – make sure the plastic is aligned, add some shampoo or dishwasher liquid, and get the hose pipe running.

Have a braai

Bring your family together over a good old South African braai. Your kids will enjoy spending time outdoors while you catch up with your loved ones.

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To be or not to be?

Hang up some curtains on the washing line and get lost in imaginative play. To be a princess, a fairy or a superhero is the question – the possibilities are endless!

Blow some bubbles

Your tot doesn’t need an excuse to blow bubbles, but you might. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with connecting with your inner child once in a while.

It’s tea time

Dress your little one in her favourite summer dress and plan a tea party in your back yard where you’ll be answering her endless questions for hours. You don’t have to bring out your fine China, but cake is a sweet idea.

Have a readathon

Pick a theme, get out the garden umbrella, some picnic blankets or bean bags and get reading. This makes for great quality time and you can spend time discussing the contents of the books.

Camp out

Erect a tent and start a bonfire as the sun sets and catch up over hot chocolate and marshmallows. You’ll also have a chance to look up at the stars while you create some backyard memories.  

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Get your hands dirty

There’s a world to be discovered right under your feet, so get digging and introduce your little one to her new insect friends. Learning is fun!

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