A pregnancy announcement trended for all the wrong reasons

A well thought out pregnancy announcement, with a little girl surrounded by baking props, trended for all the wrong reasons.

The tot is wearing a shirt with ‘big sister’, written on it and she is busy whipping up a baby sister/brother, that, according to a sign next to her, is due in June 2021. The sign lists ingredients used when ‘baking’ a baby.

The first two are hugs and kisses, and the last ingredient threw people off completely.

According to the sign, you also need three cups of c**k.

Mom criticised for pregnancy announcement post. Image: Mirror

That part alone took away any taint of beauty that existed before the reader saw that. The post was quickly shared as a “trashy” post, being posted on Reddit’s ‘Trashy’ forum which has 2.2 million members.

Some people called the post “bizarre” with one user asking the mom “what are you doing?”.

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