Dad delivers baby with help of Dr Google in PE Air BnB

Matthew Boggenpoel and Shakeela Dolley were in Port Elizabeth for the weekend to finalise their plans to move back to the city from Johannesburg.

Shakeela was only 36 weeks pregnant – and clearly mom and dad weren’t expecting their little girl to arrive so soon.

According to a report by HeraldLIVE, Shakeela and Matthew were on their way to the guest house where they were staying when they went over a speed bump at around 3pm on Friday. The new mom says she realises now that this is probably the moment her water broke.

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Not giving it a second thought that she could be in early labour – she says she didn’t have any pain – Matthew went off to the shops while she stayed at the guest house to rest.

But it wasn’t long before she started experiencing contractions. Shakeela asked the guest house owner to phone Matthew immediately to alert him of the situation.

Matthew ran a bath for Shakeela to try and get her to relax before calling the ambulance.

“But things progressed so quickly from there, we realised this baby was not going to wait for anyone,” she told HeraldLIVE.

The second-time mom says they had no time to be scared, but they also had no idea what to do – even though she’s had a baby before. She says she relied on experienced medical staff to talk her through the process when her son was born.

“We are ‘googlers’, we go onto the internet for everything and that is what we did.”

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Shakeela and Matthew delivered their baby girl at 8:45pm on Friday night. The ambulance arrived shortly after at 9pm.

Luckily everything went well and mom and baby were taken to Provincial Hospital where doctors gave them both the all clear.

All we can say is – Give that man a Bells!

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