Relax moms – 5 series on motherhood to binge this weekend

If you are dedicating this weekend to kicking back and relaxing, and love watching series, you’ll love these shows about motherhood. We know it can get busy during weekends, but all work and no play makes mommy very tired.

So, pour yourself a glass of wine and let hubby watch the kids while you watch an episode or two of one of these cool productions on Netflix. 

Working Moms 

Every working mom knows the realities of nearing your maternity leave and having to navigate that journey. This hilarious and brutally honest depiction of being a working mom will have you in stitches. 


SMILF shares the journey of a single mom trying to firstly acknowledge and overcome some of the challenges of raising a child alone. Don’t worry, it is also a comedy, so nothing too heavy. 

One day at a time

Sharing the ups and downs of motherhood, this comedy follows a mom who is simply doing the best she can and learning to take it a day at a time. With the assistance of a community of other moms and grandma, she raises tweens and learns with each encounter. 


In this comedy, a couple from two sides of the world have a one night stand, fall pregnant, keep the baby, and overcome the challenges of parenting coupled with not knowing each other, culture, and other issues.

Good Girls

Three moms with different parenting financial troubles decide to rob a store ad the robbery does not go as planned. One has a partner with a gambling problem, the other is in a messy custody battle and the other needs money for her child’s expensive medication. 

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