Parents react to Angie Motshekga’s proposal to add 26 new subjects to the school curriculum

The Department of Basic Education has released a policy proposal for public comment. This policy looks at adding 26 subjects to the National Curriculum Statement, grades R to 12.

We asked our Living & Loving readers what they thought about this proposed amendment and this is what all of you had to say.

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Best thing to come out of 2020

Abelina Stanflietstated shared that “this is now the best idea for 2020.” Abelina agreed with many parents who thought that this was a brilliant idea. Some believed that it is overdue. Malefa Lesiba says that these subjects “should have been implemented a long time ago.”

The big acknowledgment is that the reality for many kids is that they are not academically inclined. It is unfortunate for them because they are measured using the same criteria, and inevitably drop out, or fail multiple times.

Mary Ann Bonthuys Kapp comments that “not all kids have the same abilities and this would allow the kids to grow and find out in an early age what their passion is and what they want to become one day.”

Some parents went as far as to suggest other subjects such as banking, business, and financial management. Mary also added that the department should throw in a module on how to file for tax with the South Africa Revenue Services (SARS).

Others proposed the removal of subjects that are unnecessary for academic futures. Some are hoping that this does not mean that subjects will be added to the current curriculum, which will overwhelm the students.

An objection to the proposal

One of the biggest objections was with the human resources responsible for teaching these lessons. Erika Potgieter asked, “who is going to train the teachers to teach these subjects adequately so that the learners acquire these skills and subject outcomes competently?”

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According to Erika “our teachers need to be professionally developed firstly in these new subjects before it can be rolled out.”

Every policy statement that the government has shared details plans on acquiring qualified professionals to teach these subjects. They also share plans for infrastructure, furniture, equipment, and finances.

For example, lessons on ancillary care will require a classroom to move the chairs and tables. Additional equipment that will allow for the effective facilitation of the lessons will be added.

The public, including parents, should not forget that they have an opportunity to share their comments. These can be shared directly with the department and the minister’s team. You can do so by clicking here.

Overall, parents are pleased with the proposal to add subjects that will help children find and pursue their true passion.

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