This 29-year-old recently gave birth to the oldest baby in the world

In March 1992, a short-built couple donated embryos at the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) and they were frozen. 

27 years later, one of those frozen eggs would become Molly Everette Gibson, birthed to Tina who is now 29-years-old. Lisa was born 18 months after the embryos were frozen. Due to the remarkable work of science, the embryo that has become Molly makes her 18-months younger than her mother. 

Due to the anonymity of the donation, Tina does not know who the donors of the embryos are.

Molly takes the world record for the oldest baby in the world, a record that was recently held by her older sister Emma Wren, who was frozen for 24 years. Emma was also born to Tina. The embryos that resulted in the births of both Emma and Molly are believed to be the oldest embryos that resulted in live births. 

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Before Molly was born, doctors and scientists did not know that an embryo could be frozen for that long. According to the New York Post, Tina and her husband Benjamin have been married for 10 years. The couple weren’t able to conceive naturally and were foster parents before they were finally presented with an opportunity to be parents in another way. 

Three years after giving birth to their first daughter via donated embryos, they did it again with the embryos from the same donor and it yielded beautiful results. 

According to Vitalab “embryo freezing follows the same process as egg freezing to retrieve the eggs, which are then fertilised with sperm and frozen after it develops into embryos.” There is a lot of religious and moral objection to freezing an embryo but it continues to assist couples like Lisa and Benjamin to become parents to children they carried. 

Embryo freezing is also done in South Africa, and people can both donate their eggs and sperm, and interested parties can seek this route when trying to conceive. 

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