Chrissy Teigen calls on society to normalise formula too after admitting she struggled with breastfeeding

It’s a rhyme every mother and mom-to-be know so well: Breast is best. And yes, we get that – we completely understand and know how beneficial our breast milk is for our babies. But sometimes there are reasons that prevent women from breastfeeding, or they don’t make enough milk for their babies.

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So, they turn to formula – because no one wants to let their baby go hungry. But the judgement that comes with that decision is sometimes really harsh.

In a series of Tweets over the weekend, Chrissy opened up about how she struggled to breastfeed her two kids, now 4 ½ and 2-years-old.

“The stress of it, combined with the guilt that you cannot do nature’s most natural thing for your own baby is too much,” she said.

Chrissy is calling on society to normalise formula feeding.

“Ok I’m gonna say something and you all are definitely gonna make it a thing but here goes: normalize formula,” she Tweeted on Sunday.

“Normalize breastfeeding is such a huge, wonderful thing. but I absolutely felt way more shame having to use formula because of lack of milk from depression and whatnot,” Chrissy said.

She explains how she used to pump using her breast pump’s highest setting because she didn’t trust that milk was going into her babies mouths while she was breastfeeding them, and then got very little milk in return after all that effort.

“I just remember the sadness I felt and want you to know you are doing it right if your baby is fed, mama,” she concluded her series of Tweets.

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