From itchy boobs and drooling, we look at some unusual pregnancy symptoms that are normal

So, you’re armed with your ginger biscuits and you’ve arranged your schedule so you can take a little nap when the need strikes, but are you prepared for some of the other unexpected pregnancy symptoms you might experience?

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Because of the swollen blood vessels in your nose, you may well find that you’re sawing logs with the best of them, even if you’ve never been a snorer before. And the more weight you’ve gained, the more you’ll snore.

Craving ice

There are actually a number of reasons why you may wish for nothing more than to gnaw on an ice cube, ranging from anaemia to mineral deficiencies. It has also been known to offer the sweet relief from morning sickness.

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Pregnancy tumour

Although this isn’t as sinister as it sounds. You may have heard that your gums take a bashing during pregnancy, and pregnancy tumours (or granulomas as they’re also known) take this to the next level, with painful swellings occurring along the gum line.

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Metallic taste

Fortunately, the tinny taste in your mouth will disappear after the first trimester. You can blame changes in your hormones for the weird changes in the way things taste.


Because hormone fluctuations tend to up your saliva production, you may well become a night-time drooler.


Blame it on your inability to see past your belly. The reality is that your hand-eye coordination becomes severely challenged – and so do your dance moves.

Itchy boobs

It seems that no matter how much you scratch, you never quite get that itch. What you do get, though, is stretch marks (or so the old wives would have us believe), so try to avoid scratching if you can.

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Sweat overdrive

Since your metabolism is way up, so is your sweat production – especially in places you may not previously have sweated, like the space between your boobs and tummy.

Skin tags and big moles

That cute little mole on the side of your neck may come to resemble a squishy raisin soon. Again, blame the hormones.

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Deeper voice

Barry White has nothing on you all of a sudden- and it’s all thanks to your swollen vocal cords.

Racing heart

This is mainly a first-trimester symptom, caused by the sudden increase in the volume of blood circulating around your body.

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