WATCH: Video of baby eating cream and laughing from his belly will make your Monday!

Children are the most honest human beings on this earth. If they don’t like or want something, they’ll let you know.

Little Sawyer Michael showed his mom just how much he was enjoying the cream she was spraying in his mouth. While his mom, Kamry Vincent, keeps spraying cream it into his mouth, he bursts out into a hysterical laugh. Sawyer opens his mouth wide for the cream and giggles as he swallows and as soon as he tastes the cream. Kamry makes him giggle even more when she sprays some on his nose as well.

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The video was shared by Kamry 11 weeks ago on her Instagram account, and it made its rounds on the internet. The video received a lot of criticism and was shamed for feeding such a young baby whipped cream. For those that were not there for the negativity, Sawyer’s giggles lightened up their day. Kamry has since deleted it on her timeline and only left it in her stories.

Watch the full video here:

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