“Should I constantly entertain my newborn?” asks a new mom

Reflecting on her new journey as a second-time mom, mommy blogger Muhle Magwentshu of Mommy with the Fro, remembered how quiet and “boring” newborns are. According to Muhle, all newborns do is “eat, bath and sleep”.

Her second daughter, Zanothando, was born on 3 October 2020.

Muhle was concerned about whether or not she is supposed to entertain her newborn and how she can go about it.

According to children’s health website Kid’s Health, the first month of your baby’s life is navigated through interacting with the parents. Newborns are learning this new world and love looking at all the things that are surrounding them. In his infancy, your child is fascinated by your face and your voice. Even when you are not directly talking to them, they become more alert when they hear your voice, and will attempt to look around to see where it comes from.

“During the first month of life, your newborn will spend much of the day sleeping or seeming drowsy,” according to Kids Health. This explains Muhle’s current frustration with her daughter’s quietness.

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At that stage, the best way to help them learn is to interact with your baby by talking and smiling with them. You can even sing to your little one and swing them around while singing or playing a song. Some newborns coo more than others, and this is a good opportunity to take turns in interacting with them by responding to their cues.

Newborns are not the same. Some are more hyperactive than others, while others are a lot quieter. Depending on the nature of your child, you can interact with them a lot more, or a lot less depending on their level of activity.

You can also buy them age-appropriate toys like rattles and musical toys. These should come in shapes and colours (red, black, and white) that will help your child’s sight develop effectively.

But there’s no need for extreme stimulation for your newborn because the world around them, including your face and voice, is stimulation enough.

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