Game is calling all South African kids to review their toys!

Game launched its Kids’ Toys Club competition on 11 November 2020 which will give children the opportunity to review their new toy range. “It’s important that we get a stamp of approval from our real toy experts which are the kids. And we believe that The Kids’ Toys Club competition will assist us in doing that,” says Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing at Game.

The ‘kidfluencer’ phenomenon

“If you want the truth ask a child. Influencer Marketing is all about credibility and who can be more credible and trustworthy to review toys than kids? There has been a steady increase in pre-teen and teenage influencers worldwide, whose account and “career” is often co-managed by their parents. Parents find it easy to create these platforms because some are already documenting these moments and making memories with their kids so it’s easy to just share, while others see this as an opportunity to generate an income and have their kids associated with some of their favourite brands,” says Pierre Cassuto Global CMO and Africa CEO of Humanz SA, an influencer marketing agency.

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What toys to expect from Game this year

Game says this year they’ll be providing consumers with an affordable, exciting and engaging range of toys. “We have researched our market extensively and one of the key findings is that for many families, disposable income is fast decreasing, in an economy that is struggling, yet parents are still looking for quality products at unbeatable prices,” says Neville Hatfield, Vice President of Merchandise, at Game Stores.

The Game toy range will not only be fun and entertaining, but educational as well.

How to enter:

To enter Game’s Kids’ Toys Club, parents of children between the ages of 5 and 12 will need to tell Game which 3 toys from the Game catalogue they would like to see on their festive wish list. The catalogue is available here and the competition entry page is here.

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