Remove if not okay 5mnth old is having a rough time with teething

Our little guy has hit the dreaded teething face. I feel like I'm failing my little guy because I can't very well reach in his comes and pull his teeth through to relieve his pain. But also.with his crying it makes me wanna cry because I can't make him feel better. Idk maybe I'm just to empathetic this is my first kid so this is new for me.

I called Grandpa and Grandma (My parents) and they told me when I was teething I'd have fevers and ear aches. And to just hold CuJo, the problem is he doesn't know what he wants. I hold him he tries pushing away from me, I lay him down he reaches for me. I am putting oral gel on his gums and doing ibuprofen as well as teething toys and cold packs just nothing is calming him

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