Approved! The Pipsquigz toys get the thumbs up from a Kinderkineticist

We asked Kinderkineticist, Amourette Sliep at Actikids Kinderkinetics to put this colourful toy to the test.

What does a Kinderkineticist do?

Kinderkinetics aims to increase the total well-being of children between the ages of 0–13 years by stimulation, rectifying and optimization/promotion of age specific motor and physical movement. Kinderkineticists can also promote functional growth and development. They also focus on certain movement activities to promote/facilitate sport specific activities and can also implement appropriate rehabilitation for children with growth and/or developmental disabilities and specific motor deficiencies.

Here’s why Amourette recommends the Pipsquigz toys:

We let all the little ones at our practice thoroughly play with and explore the Pipsquigz over the period of a month.

The Pipsquigz are colourful and fun to look at and this ensured that all the kids were initially very excited to play with them.

The babies aged around 3 to 6 months were eager to look at them during visual tracking exercises.  The Pipsquigz are a bit heavy for them to hold though.

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The babies 7 months and older enjoyed playing with the Pipsquigz the most. They are attracted to the colours and textures. The Pipsquigz also make great teethers. The fact that they have suction cups are such a bonus as they can stick onto a feeding tray or in the bath. They also enjoy shaking them like rattles, to hear the sounds they make, this in turn stimulates the auditory system.

I feel that the Pipsquigz are a good toy for overall stimulation. They are made from good quality materials as well.

Price: R415

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