7 MO will not sleep at night

She just turned 7 months. She was sleep trained twice off Ferber method and it just does not work for her. I took her to the pediatrician to check for a possible ear infection and nada. He told me to “extinguish night feeds” and in place “offer her water”. She has 2 teeth about to cut, I am doing anything to comfort her so I think that’s a load of bullshit. We have 3 naps a day (those are perfect), a bedtime routine at the same time, baby massage, sound machine, 5 oz bottle, a book and she puts herself to bed. And a full dose of infant Motrin bc her teeth. The last 5 weeks she has woken up every 45 mins (the longest stretch being 2 hours) and I am feeling homicidal (no, not really but I HAVE ran into the wall a couple times, crashed into the mail box backing out and burnt up a coffee pot because I am SO sleep deprived.) No S/O to help me sleep shifts… I have tried the lavender room spray, Vick’s on her feet, putting in a light up mobile over her crib NOTHING WORKS. Please help me I can’t afford any more coffee pots and I REALLY need the coffee.

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