Dads save the day with their superhero reflexes

LADBible, an entertainment page, shared a video on Facebook as a compilation of exciting, cringe-worthy, and scary encounters where dads save the day. The video became an instant hit, viewed over half a million times, and people shared similar stories of dad saves.

Here, dads save their kids from falling from changing tables, couches, and near-drowning accidents.

The crowd favourite is a slow-mo of a fun skiing trip that almost turned bad, but the super dad reflex kicked in right on time.

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Some of the videos received a few criticisms of negligence from the dad’s side, but people are still happy that it did not ruin everyone’s day. Some people even shared stories of stranger dads saving their kids from near accidents.

One user said “one hero man saved my daughter on the London underground escalator once when she was 4. I am a single mom and was busy leading us both through the crowd and her shoelace got caught in the escalator. I didn’t notice and he saw it and came from behind and dragged her out. I am so thankful to this complete stranger”.

The conclusion is that dads are awesome!

Watch the full video below:

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