4 tips to help make a travelling baby a happy baby

The holidays are almost upon us, and as much as you are eager to quickly stuff the luggage in the boot, and get your family on the way to a much-needed getaway, your baby is going to needed a little added care. If you think road trips can be long and uncomfortable for you, just imagine what it will be like for your newborn or infant.

They say travelling with a baby is like being the roadie for a musician, it’s all about carrying things and the attention is always on them. If you are prepared, there is nothing to worry about, but there are a few tricks you can put up your sleeves.

Clothes for all occasions

As the rockstar in transit, your baby is going to put on quite a show and may require a few wardrobe changes. Depending on where you’re going and for how long, it always pays to have clothes that will cater for all occasions. There are few road trips that go by where your baby doesn’t mess themselves just a little bit. Also, babies are sensitive to changes in temperature. Even if it’s a hot summer day, an afternoon thundershower can turn the air from hot to icy in a matter of minutes.

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Make sleepy time familiar

As you may be on the road for a long time, baby may start to feel uncomfortable and out of their comfort zone. This is quite literally out of their comfort zone as that place is generally home. Make sure to pack their favourite comfort items such as toys, blankets or pillows to make them feel comfortable. If these items are associated with bedtime, then it may even help soothe them to sleep quicker which can be a real godsend for mommy or daddy in the backseat.

Frequent pit stops

Babies are prone to getting uncomfortable and agitated if they are stuck in one place, sitting for an extended period of time. If you are going on a road trip, then you must plan ahead and ensure there are plenty of safe places to stop and walk around a bit – every bit if fresh air helps too. This will help when you suddenly discover that a nappy change is needed.

The right nappy for the job

Speaking of nappies, a nappy isn’t just a nappy. It is important that your baby is wearing one that not only maximises comfort but is also easy for you to change, whether in the car seat or in the confines of an airplane bathroom. Consider using pull up nappy pants. If your baby is already walking, you could try a standing change, which is super easy with nappy pants. Pampers has a whole range of nappy pants that make it easy to just tear the sides and pull the nappy away while your baby is standing. No changing table required. Then after you have cleaned any mess on their bottom you can have them step into a new pair of nappy pants.

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