Cute ideas for end-of-year teacher gifts that won’t break the bank

While it’s not a must to give your child’s teacher a gift at the end of the year, many parents have been doing this for years to show their appreciation.

But, as we all know, the festive season is usually quite expensive – especially if you have a big family you need to buy gifts for, and if you’re going away on holiday.

You don’t need to buy a lavish gift – something simple that comes from the heart is usually the best gift to give.

Here are some cute ideas you can put together yourself that we’re sure your kids’ teachers will really appreciate.

Mason jar filled with sweets

Buy a glass bottle, fill it with your child’s teacher’s favourite sweets (if you know what she likes) or choose any sweets you think she’ll like. Jelly beans, chocolate coated candies and even small chocolates. Tie a pretty ribbon around the bottle with a card.

End-of-year teacher gifts


Personalised lunchbox filled with treats

A cute lunchbox filled with treats will make any teacher’s day. prints everything from mugs and T-shirts to cushion covers and wine labels – basically anything you own they can print on.

End of year teacher gifts

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Mug with a cute message offers a great service where you can upload an image to design your mug.

Teacher gifts

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Highlighters in a jar

Teachers always need pens, pencils, highlighters and other stationary. Put a couple of items you know she uses regularly in a jar with a nice message stuck to the jar.

End of year teacher gift ideas

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A plant for her class

You can either buy a plant that has already been potted, or put together your own. You just need a planter with a message on and cut a succulent from your own garden to replant. If you don’t have succulents at home, you can get one from a Nursery.

End of year teachers gifts

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A holiday basket

Fill a beautiful beach bag with some fun goodies for her December holiday. You’ll find lots of items at the China mall or Crazy store that won’t break your budget.

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Cookie hamper

We love this cute idea of an oven mitt filled with a cookie mixture and whisk. The message is super cute and your little one’s teacher will definitely love it.

Teacher gifts

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