Baby Fever

Idk where to post this and I don’t have anyone to share this with. I’m 28 and I have baby fever. Lately I’ve been finding myself rubbing my belly and looking in the mirror trying to see how I would look pregnant. I’m on birth control because I don’t ant any surprises but i still found myself disappointed that my period came. I’d be scared but Idk how to explain it… like I crave a family of my own so bad. I’m seeing a guy and everything I see “11:11” I wish that he is my forever even though we aren’t official. I have so much work to do on myself before I want to settle down but at the same time I feel like I will never be 100% ready for family life so why not now? I’ve been thinking of baby names more often and looking at clothes in the kids section… maybe this is my body telling me it’s time to start before it’s to late.

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