WATCH: 6-year-old’s ABC rap about careers is off the chain!

This 6-year-old is going places! In a video that has gone viral, Robert Samuel raps about career choices for kids using the ABC’s. And it’s just brilliant! How many people do you know that can find words to rhyme with gastroenterologist? Or perhaps even pronounce that word!

Sam’s dad sits on a chair in the background beat boxing and cheering him on during his rap.

The video has been seen almost half a million times since it was posted a week ago. It’s so inspiring, even the former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama shared the video on her Instagram account where it has received more than 4 million views so far.

“I know these have been really stressful times. This video put a smile on my face, so I wanted to share it with all of you. I hope this gives us a moment to pause and think about our kids right now and the kind of future we want to see for them. Sam, I absolutely love your version of the ABCs and I know you’ll inspire so many kids to dream big, too! ❤️” she wrote.

The responses are amazing. “I’m an elementary school educator and this just made my day! Sharing with all 650 of our students on Monday!!!” commented larson.kimber on Michelle’s Insta post.

You go little Sam – the world is your oyster!

Watch the video below:

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