MUST WATCH: Moms living their best lives and failing

Being a boring mom is not the way to go if you want to have a fun relationship with your children. This means that the only other option is to be a cool mom, but that takes a lot of work. Sometimes, moms may fail at being a cool mom.

To be cool, parents are required to play the games their children play or try different things now and again.

The moms on this video are exactly those moms who went to extreme lengths to impress their children, but it did not end well. These activities range from falling on their faces to failing at pretty simple stunts. Some activities could not bear weight.

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At the end of it, the kids might not have been impressed, but they were entertained. The comments attest to this, as moms admit that they have tried all sorts of goofy stuff with their children, and in most cases, it ended with laughs.

The video was recently shared on the Peachy Facebook page and became an instant hit, getting over 4 million views since it was posted. Peachy promises comedic and relatable videos, and they did not disappoint with this video.

Watch the full video below:

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