6-year-old’s desperate prayer to God to save his eyesight breaks mom’s heart

Oyintando Bekelephi, a 6-year-old boy who was just being a kid, playing with his friends, is stuck in a hospital bed fighting and praying for his eyesight after he was mauled by 3 pit bulls on 21 October in Reeston, East London.

Eastern Cape health department Spokesperson Siyanda Manana told a local online news publication that Oyintando has already lost one eye, and that doctors will be operating on him on Monday to try and save his other eye.

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But the news is not good, unfortunately. “His situation is very worrying. Our expert clinicians have done a sterling job to make sure they provide the best of care and we pray and hope that his eyesight will be restored but we are very concerned because his chances of seeing again are very slim. One eye is dangling near the nose,” Manana said.

Speaking from her son’s hospital bedside on Sunday, Sibongiseni said that the other boys, who her son was playing with, managed to run away from the dogs and climbed up nearby trees to stay safe.

She says her son’s friends told her that he couldn’t climb up the tree and that’s when the dogs attacked him.

According to a report on News24, the owner of the dogs carried the crying boy to this mother after the attack. He told Sibongiseni that he was in the bushes picking medicinal plants and decided to sleep there in the bushes with his dogs next to him. He says he was woken up by screaming children and upon investigating he found his dogs tearing Oyintando’s face.

According to Sibongiseni, the owner saved her child’s life as he managed to get him away from the dogs and brought him to her after which both of them took him to the Frere hospital in East London.

“He keeps asking me if he will see again and this haunts me. I am scared to tell him the truth I learnt from doctors. I don’t want to break his spirit. He prays every day for his eyesight,” she said.

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